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The Best Few Days

A little update from little ol' me......
Just a little bullet list to what I have been up too. From spending an amazing time with my best friend Kay, to spring cleaning our hearts out, to finally seeing Vampire Diaries again (I have a review on the way) and anticipating the West Episode of Supernatural so much has been going on and you can read about it below:

- First off starting with last Monday(4/11); have to mention in here of how annoyed I am with TV Stations lying to viewers especially dedicated viewers. I dont know if anyone else was annoyed by this but I was extremely annoyed with how last Monday "90210" & "Gossip Girl" were SUPPOSED to be brand new,...then bam last minute Kay & I realized that it was a repeat....that they had pushed the return date back another week. :-X Now I dont know if they did it and I just didnt read it, or if again last minute they decided that they werent going to bring it back when they said that they would. *Annoyed much*

- Tuesday (4/12) - Not too much just was severely annoyed that I had to work the day of the return for One Tree Hill...but thankfully Kay (bless her ♥) informed me that the date was moved for them too. But at work I did find out that a Key Holder position would possibly be opening up leaving 4 people up for grabs at it.

-Wednesday (4/13) - Really not too much happened....I had to work a truck trust me unloading 198 boxes was not a fun task but we got it done.

- Thursday (4/14) - As any fan would know the return of "The Vampire Diaries" was the highlight of my Thursday (review can be read at my journal for "The Last Dance"). Also got to catch up on playing the Sims 2 with Kay (which I am getting annoyed with because I cant get a garage right for the life of me LOL  :-p ) Also got a second part time job that morning with a online company :)

-Friday (4/15) - Tuesday (4/19) The highly anticipated day of the week.....
          - First it was the day that I would be heading over to my besties house which is seriously like my home away from home. I got to see my best friend, her momma who is one of the best, Wayne and the kids (her dogs Bandit & Bella) and it was my mommys birthday (she knows I love her) and for the rest of the days that I was down in Eagan at my home away from home I was helping Kay clean up her basement a little bit. (I feel like I didnt help enough but she said different) We did everything from opening old mail, creating folders, sorting, organizing, dusting, taking care of the doggies, hearing the workers working on her moms bathroom, taking the garbage out, helping get old mail sorted, and just all in all getting a start on spring cleaning and helping out my bestie. (Which in return as made me really want to clean my house out really good - well my little one bedroom apartment) Then on Monday Night we got to watch the return of "90210" & "Gossip Girl" together well eating an amazing dinner made by her moms boyfriend (Was heaven food on earth) I had the best time those few days and am already feeling a withdrawl from her :(  (Hope you are enjoying the new I-pod hun and i misses you, and am proud of you for getting the basement going :D )

Tuesday Afternoon: Had to work,....sadly again missing the new episode of "One Tree Hill" found out that the bestie was having too much fun cleaning and even she missed the episode (Will have to read a good review :-P)

Wednesday (4/20) - Didnt get to work the truck at work but did find out that there are now just 3 people up for the Key Holder position so I am keeping my hopes up that maybe after the seasons are over for the shows I could maybe bump up to it.

Thursday (4/21) - Had the day off of work, an amazing episode of Vampire Diaries (Review coming later) and had an amazing time talking with the bestie and was so proud that I got my room started.....

But that is just an up to date. I apologize to anyone that reads my reviews that there is not one up yet of SPN "My Heart Will Go On" but it will be up later today hopefully...seeing as how the anticipated Western Episode is tonight. I better grab my Sam&Dean blanket and enjoy.

Hope everyone is doing well...I know I was the last few days...


Vampire Diaries "The Last Dance" Review

Vampire Diaries "The Last Dance" 2x18 Review

After another week of waiting and waiting another new episode of the Vampire Diaries aired this week with twists and turns that made your mind race and your heart weep.
One word to describe this episode would be Klaus. In a sum the 60's dance is groovy, Klaus was getting cooky and lets just say my eyes were getting teary. If you have not seen the episode and do not wish to be spoiled do not read beyond the cut...
Vampire Diaries "The Last Dance" 2x18 Review After another week of waiting and waiting another new episode of the Vampire Diaries aired this week with twists and turns that made your mind race and your heart weep. One word to describe this episode would be Klaus. In a sum the 60's dance is groovy, Klaus was getting cooky and lets just say my eyes were getting teary. If you have not seen the episode and do not wish to be spoiled do not read beyond the cut... Warning: Spoilers aheadCollapse )
Excuse Me while I have an extreme FANGIRL MOMENT!!
Vampire Diaries is back *whoot whoot* Alright sorry about that now down to brass taxes

So after a long painful and nerve wracking winter Hiatus Vampire Diaries returned last night with "Know Thy Enemy" and it was amazing...though upsetting that there were no Delena Scenes...the show came back good and strong.
Listed below are little Sub names of who, what appeared in this episode.
- Isobel
- MoonStone
- Kiss
- Powers
- Kidnapping
- Alaric
- Betrayal
- Death

*If you do not wish to know what happened because you have not seen the episode yet do not read below the line.*
My First attempt at a review :)


First Act: Opens with a montage of what we saw coming up to this moment and the episode immediately picked up where they left off with Isobel standing on the front porch. Isobel explains that she is there to help Elena for when the showdown with Klaus happens. Aunt Jenna is stunned to see that Isobel is actually very much "alive" and is hurt and devastated that neither Elena nor Alaric have been honest with her about Isobel. Isobel explains that she is there just to help keep Elena safe. Aunt Jenna runs up the stairs leaving Elena slamming the door in Isobel's face and head up the stairs to try and comfort Jenna. A little later on Alaric is at the house where Elena mentions that Jenna has not come out all night but when she does she announces that she can not take being lied to anymore and walks out. Meanwhile; it is shown that Isobel as bought a house (the best foreclosure in town) and Isobel arrives there as well as Katherine and as they hug Isobel announces that she is making plans to saving Katherines life. On the other side of town; Damon, Bonnie and Mr Jeremy are back at Luka's house trying to find a special book that can help Bonnie inherit the powers of the witches of the Salem Witch Trials where Emily (Bonnies ancestor was also burned - find out later that Damon was trying to save Emily because she was the only witch that could help him get his dear Katherine out) A great one liner from Damon in this scene; Bonnie "You knew where they were burned" Damon "Did I forget to mention that" Bonnie finds the book that she needs and they head out.

Second/Third Act: Isobel is sitting with Katherine at the house that she bought when she returned back and they are discussing about how Isobel being there changes everything and Isobel warns Katherine not to search for the moonstone for that would be betraying the Salvatore brothers. Then she goes on to trick Alaric and he is taken somewhere unknown by Klaus's little buddy that she is with. Meanwhile Stefan and Elena show up at the Lockwood home for Elena to accept a check to the Gilbert Historical Society on behalf of her mother and Jenna. Talk with Tylers mom and find out that Matt is still missing from Caroline. Meanwhile D.B.J finds the house where the Salem Witch's  were burned and it seems as though the witches are not to keen about Damon being there....trapping him in the main room letting the sun expose to him starting to burn him, his ring not working and he begs Bonnie to help...once she does Damon decides to leave as her and Jeremy travel the house. Again back at the Lockwood Luncheon Tylers mom presents Elena with the donation and as she is accepting, Isobel has made her way into the house and up the stairs where she finds John Gilbert, he asks her what she is doing and she answers with "creating a distraction" and bites John on the neck and then pushes him down the stairs. Many guests scramble to find out what happened. And as Stefan leaves Elena to check on John, Katherine grabs up Elena and helps get her to be kidnapped. This is also after Katherine had been searching for the Moonstone then finding in the soap dish in Damons room. Back at the Salem House Bonnie is able to Channel the witches gaining the power of over 100 witches. Jeremy is extremely worried about her.

Third/Fouth/Fifth Act: Isobel gets Elena from Katherine as Katherine is with Stefan then turning on Stefan sticking him with verbane, and tossing him in the woods when he catches onto her. Damon mean while as found out about John and heads over, finding that he will be alright since having the ring on, explains that to Tylers mom and Sheriff Forbes about the Ring being able to save John. Bonnie and Jeremy kiss again before Jeremy is shown what she can do now with all the power (creating, wind, storms dark clouds). Damon back at the house receives a phone call from Stefan and then gets mad and throws around the soap dish (may I add in that he was shirtless during this ;) ) Isobel has Elena in the car with her, tells Katherine over the phone that she is sorry but he wanted her. Katherine hands up the phone and is then placed in a painful grasp by Klaus's little buddy and taken to another place unknown. Meanwhile Damon and Stefan start to search for Elena and Isobel as Isobel takes Elena to the cemetery where she was "Buried" and explains that she did want to know her, and wanted to meet her and that she was sorry for being a disappointment. Removes her necklace and starts to burn up in the sunlight right in front of Elena. 
Meanwhile: Caroline is still on the hunt for Matt when she finds him at her house and ends up telling him anything that he wants to know about Vicky (his sister) and about Vampires and then begs her to make him forget everything (Later we find out that he is working  with Sheriff Forbes to get more information on Vampires - not sure what the plan is) Soon it shows Elena back at the house with the brothers where they present a loophole in keeping Elena safe is having her sign over the house and taking the deed of the house so its hers (so she now has control of who can be in the house and who cant be in the house...mainly to keep Klaus out) Another one liner from Damon "But I will be so pissed if you lock me out" Soon there after John wakes up from his attack from Isobel and Damon immediately wants to kill him but Elena gets him stop saying that they need to talk. Show them talking and John apologizing and Elena saying that she guesses that she can learn not to hate him. Damon and Stefan over a drink comes to terms that Bonnie is the new secret weapon that they have.
Last but not least: They then show where Katherine was taken and she wakes up looking around wondering where she is at and she spots Klaus's little buddy with his hands by a guys head that is strapped to a chair being given blood speaking in a foreign language. Once the buddy is done the camera zooms in to show that it is Alaric that is trapped in the chair, but after the little ritual Katherine realizes what is happening and tries to make a run for it but is trapped in the room with a now possessed Alaric. As she turns around Alaric standing there reaching in and stroking her cheek as he  is speaking foreign to her and calls her Katerina and telling her that he missed her. Shocked all she can get out is "Klaus" as we see Alaric smirk when Klaus's name  is mentioned. END SHOW

My Thoughts: I believe that the show came back with a punch...many twists and turns and leaving you with questions rising in your mind.
On Bonnie Getting Stronger: I think that with her getting stronger with the help of the Witches I think that its a 50/50 situation of being a good or bad thing...good that she is powerful enough to help save Elena when it comes to go against Klaus but bad because Jeremy did state to her that if it will use all the power that she has and she does it all at once it could kill her. So I am very worried with that coming soon. Plus I just think its so damn cute how protective Jeremy is over Bonnie <3
On Isobel Coming Back and then offing herself: I believe that she was all along trying to just save Elena I mean why else would she have tricked Katherine she wanted to save her daughter. I think that her going that route showed that she did care and coming back was to help not to hurt like she did before.
On Matt/Caroline/Sheriff Forbes: I really dont know what to think with this either he is using Caroline so that they can go against her and actually try to kill all of the vampires in Mystic Falls or Matt is completely using Sheriff Forbes. I dont have any idea what to gather on this.
On the whole Stefan/Elena/Damon Scenes: Striving to have more time with just Damon and Elena...i know that is hard for some Stelena fans to hear but hey it is what it is. But luckily if they stay to what they are showing we Delena fans will get some Delena action in the next episode (another fan girl moment)
On Alaric being Klaus's Vessel: This right here was the big turning point of the night....thinking that Isobel just tricked him to get him out of the picture but then basically feeds Alaric right to Klaus by allowing him to be taken hostage and forced to be Klaus's vessel. This makes my mind spin because they are wanting to kill Klaus....how could they do that without killing Alaric now. It will really suck if they have to end up killing Alaric when he has so much connection wit a lot of the Characters now. He connects with Elena so well, I want him and Jenna to work things out, and the bonding that he has done with Damon really shows that he is wanting to help and be around to get Klaus just as badly.
On the Episode in General: All in all I would give the episode an A grade. It had betrayal, twists, Damon one liners that is a fave thing to hear in every episode. I do believe the creators did a great job with the come back and its all starting to come together now as to what is going to happen when Klaus is now here. Next episode should be good. It is episode 18 of season 2 (sad that its so close to the ending) but is titled "The Last Dance" and I hope and pray, pray, pray that we get just a few scenes with Delena-on a little withdrawal) Again next week I will have another review.

Writer's Block: It's cold outside

I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?Submitted By [info]jadetheblade

I can one for say that I am a Minne-snowtan as well. I believe that the coldest that I could stand it is at least -20 with no wind chill. Though living in MN all my life I have gotten used to the snowy days, cold days, below freezing days, -40 some degrees with blizzard like conditions and wind chills making it -50. (1993 ring a bell to anyone in MN) I can always handle the cold but even for all my life have not liked the snow. Traveling in 10+ inches is completely disastrous  sometimes.  (This winter comes to mind) So pretty much I think that some people that come here from Cali or other places where cold to them could be like 60-70 (when we are bringing out the shorts and bathing suits) Its Minnesota its not always going to be hot and sunny and tropical....cause here...it can be 70 one day and 20 degrees the next.

I am done :D

I am so happy that i am starting to learn this thing lol. Thank you kay love again for the paid membership. i love you pinky hehe

Starting Out

Hey all and welcome to my first entry of my LJ!  I hope you like what I have so far. There will be plenty more to come I can guarentee, but I just have to learn the ropes to LiveJournal. If you have any helpful hints let me know.

Thanks all 

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