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Sometimes you must live through the darkness...

in order to see the light.

28 June 1988
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Born: Jessica though known as Jess...23 years young, first blew out the candles on June 28th,♋ with brown hair upon my head and blue eyes looking out to the weird world we live in. Speak 100% english and always been from MN. Caring, loving, fun, that is how I like to be. Try to be helpful and lend a helping hand. Sweet, focased (most of the time), I am just me.
My best friend; ♥pinkstarssx♥, my family,Jared Padalecki♥,Jensen Ackles, SPN♥ related things (& Misha♥, JDM),John Cena♥ WWE Wrestling, A7x Brian Littrell (Guilty Pleasure) music, writing, movies, laughs, weather, icons, memories, photographs, camping, Chinese food, the beach, swimming, coloring, reading, candles, sunsets, rain showers, scrapbooking, Sims, Coffee, Green Tea, Rockstar Energy, Cherry, life...
Supernatural ♥ Sam...most of the time), Vampire Diaries ♥ (Damon) Prison Break (Michael&Linc), 90210(Teddy&Naomi), Friends(Rachel), Dexter♥(Dex, One Tree Hill(Haley), Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy(Bailey&George), Buffy(Angel&Spike&Buffy), Passions(Ethan♥Theresa), Gossip Girl(Chuck&Blair), TSCC(John), NCIS(Abby&DiNozzo&Gibbs), Criminal Minds(Morgan&Reid&Garcia), Arthur, Full House(Stephanie&Uncle Jesse), The Munsters, The Addams Family, The Nanny, WWE, Boy Meets World (Corey)
Sam♥Dean, Dean♥Cas, Damon♥Elena, Bonnie♥Jeremy, Adrianna♥Navid, Naomi♥Max, Chuck♥Blair, Rachel♥Ross, Brooke♥Julian, Ethan♥Theresa, Rita♥Dexter, Michael♥Sara, Angel♥Buffy, Denny♥Izzie, John♥Cameron, Abby♥DiNozzo, Garcia♥Morgan, J2, Jay Sebring♥Sharon Tate,
F13(JP Version), Avatar, Despicable Me, The Town, Up, Dear John, Shooter, MBV, Twilight, Twister, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Disney(most), Cradle to the Grave, House of Wax,
A7x, Michael Jackson♥,(Jackson 5), Saving Abel, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Stone Sour, Britney, Aerosmith, Nickleback, Matchbox 20, 3 Doors Down, AC/DC, P!nk, BSB (old school), Rascal Flatts, Boyz II Men, Bon Jovi, Bone-Thugs, Mariah Carey, Green Day, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry + more.
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jim Beaver, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Stroup, Katie Cassidy, Robert Pattinson, Mark Wahlburg (still editing)
At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum.
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